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Garry's Mod vs Roblox – Which Sandbox is Better?

Garry's Mod vs Roblox – Which Sandbox is Better?

I think it's safe to say that video games are one of the most enjoyable and beneficial forms of entertainment in our society. It breaks all barriers of race, age, gender, etc., and is something that anyone can enjoy.

Garry's Mod, by Facepunch Studios, and Roblox, by Roblox Corporation, are two popular video games with many differences, but also many similarities. Let’s see what they offer.


Garry's Mod is a sandbox game that allows you to create anything you want, from simple guns to complex contraptions that can do anything you desire. It is a perfect platform for social interaction, allowing you to play with your friends and record yourself playing to let your friends enjoy watching.

Roblox is a community, a game, and an endless source of creativity. It is very similar to Garry's Mod in that you can build anything you want, but with the ability to make your creations move, talk and act. It also has a community aspect, with many games being hosted on servers that you can connect to.

Roblox is also a very profitable business, with many opportunities to make money through the bloxburg or Robux currency, or even through the "Builders Club".


Roblox's story is not a very important aspect of the game. But it does have a story, and it involves the player (the Robloxian) having to save the Robloxians from the evil robots who want to take over the world. The player does this by fighting them in different "maps."  

The objective of the game is to defeat the robots on each map. Then, the player can advance to the next map; this continues until there are no more maps left to beat.  

In Garry's Mod, the player has no objective other than to have fun and do whatever they want.  But there is no story. You can, however, choose to do a mission or two, but those are not required.


Garry's Mod has better graphics than Roblox. The textures are much higher fidelity and there is a lot more detail to everything. This makes the game more immersive and fun to play.

The graphics in Roblox are extremely outdated and do not hold up well to today's standards. In Garry's Mod, players can use models and skins of their own choice to make their avatar look as they want. In Roblox, you are limited to only a few choices when it comes to your character's appearance.


Although Garry's Mod is completely free, Roblox has a few different options. The most basic option is the free account, which allows you to build and play games on public servers, but you have to buy Robux to have an avatar, and you can't make any profit. 

The next option is the Builder's Club, but this is an extra monthly cost. However, if you are playing on a server with Builders Club, you can make money from games. The next option is the Developer's Exchange, which is free but without the ability to make money.


I decided to compare these two titles because they are both sandbox games, and the things you create are entirely up to you. They are also very similar in the way that they are both a perfect platform for social interaction since you can make games and play with your friends.

The games are very similar, but with different purposes. I think that they are both great games, and I recommend you try them both and see which you prefer.

23 Apr 2021